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Azalea George Taber


Azalea George Taber

Masses of showy, single, light orchid blooms with white variegation. A beautiful evergreen shrub for use as a hedge, screen or mass plantings. A sun-tolerant Southern indica Azalea that thrives in full to dappled sun in cooler northern climates; provide shade from intense afternoon sun in warm regions. Evergreen.

Plant Type:Shrubs 
Overall Mature Size:Medium
Also Grown As:Bush / Patio Tree
Mature Height & Spread:4-6' x 4-6'
Natural Growth Habit:Rounded
Native To:Asia, Hybrid
Exposure:Full Sun, Partial Shade
Water:High Water, Medium Water
Flower Color:White
Bloom Time:Spring
Special Features:Attracts Birds/Butterflies / Hedge / Shade Tolerant

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