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Italian Cypress


Cupressus sempervirens (Italian Cypress) occurs naturally in southern Europe and western Asia. Some Italian cypress are remarkably tall slender almost pencil shaped trees that can reach 80 ft. Canopy spread is seldom more than 8 ft. This species and some others are the more typical conifers with spreading branches and wide crowns. The ordinary trees are not as popular as the pencil shaped trees. The foliage is needle-like and dark green at all times of the year. Cones develop only in climates that have a cool winter. Italian cypress likes fertile soil with good drainage. It usually thrives with little attention but grows best in full sun.

Plant Type Tree
Evergreen-Deciduous Evergreen
Overall Mature Size Large
Mature Height & Spread 80′ x 5-8′
Exposure Full sun
Water Medium, Low Water
Special Features Deer Resistant, Desert Conditions, Drought Resistant, Screen
Natural Growth Habit Columnar
Sunset Garden Zones 4-24
Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone 8

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