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Sweet Bay Laurel


LAURUS Nobilis . 

Plant Height 20"

Watering Needs:Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.
Botanical Pronunciation:LAW-rus no-BIL-is
Plant type:Tree, Shrub
Sunset climate zones:5 - 9, 12 - 24
Growth habit:Compact, Pyramidal
Growth rate:Slow
Average landscape size:Reaches 12 to 15 ft. tall and wide; taller if grown as a single-trunk tree.
Special features:Bird Friendly, Compact Form, Easy Care, Edible, Gift Plant, Ornamental Berries, Waterwise, Year-round Interest
Foliage color:Green
Blooms:Inconspicuous; foliage prized for culinary use.
Flower color:Yellow
Companion PlantsPomegranate (Punica); Rosemary (Rosmarinus); Lavender (Lavandula); Olive (Olea); Meyer Lemon (Citrus)

Slow-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with a pyramidal growth-habit typically growing to 12-20′ tall and wide or greater with age. This handsome and versatile species features aromatic leathery deep-green leaves that are commonly used as a culinary seasoning. Small yellow flowers appear in spring followed by small dark-purple fruit. Both are considered inconspicuous. Well-suited as a street or courtyard specimen and takes well to shearing making it a popular choice for creating a dense formal clipped hedge or topiary. Also makes a good large-container specimen. Tolerates heat wind and a variety of different soil types. Low to moderate water needs once established. Partial to full sun. derate watering. Prefers a well-drained soil and a full to partial sun exposure.