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Shiny Xylosma Compacta


Shiny Xylosma Compacta, with thorns

Plant Type:Shrubs
Overall Mature Size:Large
Also Grown As:Bush
Mature Height & Spread:6-8' x 6-8'
Natural Growth Habit:Rounded
Native To:Asia
Exposure:Full Sun, Partial Shade
Water:Medium Water
Bloom Time: Inconspicuous
Special Features:Deer Resistant / Desert Conditions / Drought Resistant / Hedge / Screen / Seacoast Conditions / Shade Tolerant

Large evergreen shrub growing to 5-8′ tall and wide. Gracefully arching branches of lance-shaped bronzy-red new foliage matures to a lovely chartreuse-green with an attractive glossy sheen. This heat-tolerant species is easily kept to a smaller size as it takes well to shearing making it a fine choice to use as a medium-sized hedge or screen. Though exhibiting relatively low water needs a more lush and attractive plant will be achieved with a more regular watering schedule and a spring feeding with a well balanced fertilizer. Full to partial sun.

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