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Make Your House A Home!

Make your vacation your backyard.

Make your home your getaway.

Because home is where you spend time, with whom you love.

Divine Botanicall is founded on the principles that plants make people smile. 

The act of caring for plants is an act of love as it is a practice of patience. Plants have their own character, each one has a spirit that speaks in its own way. It is a companion in our journey in life. These organic specimens provide us with stress relief, help deal with anxiety and their care is therapeutic to our souls. 

We specialize in ornamental plants that make gardens bloom and scream happiness! Our wide selection includes plants that require full sun, some even thrive in this climate change weather as well as plants that require semi shade. 

Join us in Making Your House A Home!

Origin Story

Alonso T. Bergass founded Divine Botanicall in 2018. Working for a company that has been in the plant business since 1965, he was surprised to see what the internet was offering people looking for plants.

With hard work, patience and daily attention he is constantly trying new sizes, new varieties and organic ways of growing plants. The knowledge and experience gained from working for a wholesale company has been invaluable in giving people online the best value for their money when buying plants online.

As Alonso says, “With all the tools at the tip of our fingertips it is more important than ever to have human interaction. What better way to bring to bring people together than an ever evolving work of art than a garden.”