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Advanced Soil Nutrition


Advanced Soil Nutrition Package Sizes

1 oz. of Water-Soluble Fertilizer = 1 year's worth for every individual plant

1 oz. Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer = 1 year's worth for every individual plant

Soil with Mycorrhizae, Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer, and Water-Soluble Fertilizer Options:

  1. Extra Large: Soil with Mycorrhizae, (16oz), Water-Soluble Fertilizer (8oz), Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer (8oz)
  2. Large: Soil with Mycorrhizae, (12oz), Water-Soluble Fertilizer (4oz), Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer (4oz)
  3. Medium: Soil with Mycorrhizae, (8oz), Water-Soluble Fertilizer (2oz), Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer (2oz)
  4. Small: Soil with Mycorrhizae, (5oz), Water-Soluble Fertilizer (1oz), Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer (1oz)

What Makes Our Soil Nutrition Package, Advanced? Our secret ingredient: Mycorrhizae


  • Improves fertilizer uptake; reduces fertilizer costs
  • Increases the resistance of the plant to stresses; reduces maintenance costs
  • Optimizes results without changing growing practices
  • Increased root mass, flower production, plant size, yield
  • Improved water uptake and increased drought resistance

A solution for gardeners seeking to benefit from both the nutrient retention ability of vermiculite and a perlite content providing limited but proper drainage capacities. Combined with high-quality fibrous peat moss, this formulation is ideal for gardeners looking for a general-purpose medium that creates a well-balanced growing environment.

Water Soluble Fertilizer: 20-20-20-Multi-Purpose is a professional is plant food that is a premium grade, water-soluble fertilizer. It can be used as s foliar spray, soil drench, in continuous feed soil fewer applications, or injector ratio feeders. It is fortified with essential micronutrients to ensure healthy crops and increased yields.

Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer: Designed for use in problem soil like adobe, or soils high in salts or boron. Helps to break up and aerify soils. All-purpose fertilizer and soil conditioner. Contains 5-3-2 NPK, 70% Humus, 15% Humic Acids, Micronutrients, beneficial Soil Bacteria, and Soil Penetrant. Uses General feeding of trees/shrubs/lawns, etc. Great for soil preparation and backfill mixes. Also used in vegetable gardens, container plants, fruit trees, and citrus trees.