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Camellia Japonica Debutante

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Camellia Japonica Debutante (Light Pink Flower)
Watering Needs:Water regularly, when top 3 in. of soil is dry.
Botanical Pronunciation:kuh-MEE-lee-uh juh-PON-ih-kuh
Plant type:Camellia, Tree, Shrub
Growth habit:Rounded
Growth rate:Slow
Average landscape size:Slowly reaches 6 to 8 ft. tall and wide; larger with age.
Special features:Easy Care, Pet Friendly, Year-round Interest
Foliage color:Dark Green
Blooms:Winter to Early Spring
Flower color:Pink
Flower attributesFlowers for Cutting, Showy Flowers
Companion PlantsAzalea (Azalea); Forsythia (Forsythia); Fern (Athyrium); Lily of the Valley (Pieris); Winter Daphne (Daphne)

Moderately slow-growing evergreen shrub with an upright to rounded growth-habit, typically to 6-8’ tall x 5-8’ wide, or greater with age. Can easily be pruned to maintain a smaller size, or formed into a small, single-trunk patio tree. This long-time landscape favorite is an early-season bloomer (one of the earliest) featuring lustrous, glossy, deep-green foliage accented with large, showy, peony-form, light-pink flowers appearing late-fall to spring. Well-suited as an accent or foundation planting and can be grown on trellises or in containers. A popular choice for woodland or Asian-themed gardens. Prefers a rich, acidic, well-drained soil, and thrives with regular watering in a filtered-sun to light-shade exposure.

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the plants looked great on arrival. Packaging was excellent.

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