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Camellia Japonica Kramer's Supreme


Camellia Japonica Kramer's Supreme, Red Flower 

Deep red buds open to magnificent peony-like, rosy-red flowers with a delightful fragrance. The mid-season blooms create a dazzling contrast against the glossy, dark green foliage, brightening lightly shaded settings. Stunning in woodland borders and foundation plantings, or as a hedge. An old favorite for milder regions of the U.S. Evergreen.

Watering Needs:Water regularly, when top 3 in. of soil is dry.
Botanical Pronunciation:kuh-MEE-lee-uh juh-PON-ih-kuh
Plant type:Camellia, Tree, Shrub
Growth habit:Rounded
Growth rate:Slow
Average landscape size:Reaches 6 to 8 ft. tall and wide; slowly grows larger with age.
Special features:Easy Care, Pet Friendly, Year-round Interest
Foliage color:Dark Green
Flower color:Red
Flower attributesFlowers for Cutting, Fragrant, Showy Flowers
Companion PlantsAzalea (Azalea); Forsythia (Forsythia); Fern (Microlepia); Lily of the Valley (Pieris); Winter Daphne (Daphne)

Camellia, Big Red Blooms
- Red blooms emerge in January and stay until Spring
- Kramer's Supreme is a moderately fast growing Camellia
- Evergreen foliage makes a perfect privacy screen
Kramer's Supreme is a very large and showy camellia... blooming from January to April.
This colorful hedge thrives in adverse conditions... which allows for less maintenance and a hassle-free shrub that will perform year after year. It's known for its reliability and consistency.
The large size of Kramer's Supreme Camellia allows it to be utilized as either a privacy screen or hedgerow. With a mature size of 8 ft. tall, you are sure to cover any unsightly area.
When planting in groups, space 4 feet apart... and you'll soon have a living, blooming privacy hedge.
Plant Kramer's Camellia around the foundation of your home, or even in containers. Magnificent winter bloomer that carries you through spring.

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